Custom made chocolates

Great new for India. We at Kreative chocolates are starting custom made chocolates made by you as per your taste and toppings chosen by you.

By just clicking few mouse click you can get a custom made chocolate made you !

  • Choose a chocolate bar you like.
  • Select toppings.
  • Get it delivered at your home

choose yours chocolates here

5 tips to enjoy Cocoa in a healthyway

Do you know someone who doesn’t like chocolate?
The chocolate, beyond being a delicious food can benefit our health, but must be consumed properly. Here are five tips to get more out of this amazing treat.

1. Chocolate when eaten properly brings health benefits, don’t stop consuming, but not abuse.
2. The dark chocolate is healthier than other types of chocolate.
3. The indicated amount of chocolate to be consumed daily is 30 grams, the equivalent to a small chocolate bar.
4. Combine chocolate with fruits: strawberry skewers topped with chocolate, for example, is an excellent alternative. The vegetable fiber found in fruits helps satiate the desire, and is a delight.
5. Use cocoa powder, preferably sugar free and organic and in your recipes.