Some Truths About Compound Chocolate

compound versus chocolateIn India and other countries nowadays compound chocolate is getting popular because of its “no tempering needed” and “low cost”. Its common names are baker’s chocolate, confectioner’s chocolate, coating chocolate.
Ofcourse if we are changing the structure of chocolate from its pure form to compound form there are plus points and minus points of that, explained below:
Plus Points of Compound Chocolate:Due to addition of vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter it gives low viscosity and is easy to be moulded or used as a covering for cakes or confectionery. Compound chocolate does not require tempering that means a novice can also use it and doesn’t require tempering unit. Compound chocolate got high melting point than regular chocolate which make it best for baking. Compound chocolates doesn’t give chocolate a bloom which pure chocolates does, which is the rising of cocoa butter, giving the chocolate a dull cloudy look.
Minus Points of Compound Chocolate:Due to addition of vegetable oil it contains hydrogenated fats or trans fat which is not good for health. Pure chocolate or coverture chocolate contains cocoa butter which is good for body.
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