Launch of Nutelite nut butter range

At Kreative we are constantly working and doing research to deliver the best products that are good for your health as well are made under strict conditions. Presenting you the range of Nut butters under the brand – Nutelite which will provide you peanut butter, almond butter, cashewnut butter, hazelnut butter and other nut butters on demand.  Our present retail product is just focusing Peanut butter – our mottor is not mass production we believe in small size batches and best product as we believe in quality rather than quantity.

Presently we offer peanut butter for retail and online market but for offline market you can order us for almond butter, cahewnut butter or any other nut butter on demand.

We don’t use any kind of preservatives, emulsifiers or hydrogenated fats or added flavors.

Eating dark chocolate every day could help boost athletic performance

Chocolates have been the favourites of everyone and even the researchers, read out earlier article of researches under Health benefits of Chocolates.

research on chocolateIn a recent study undertaken at London’s Kingston University has found the tasty treat could help give sports enthusiasts an extra edge in their fitness training.

undertaken at London’s Kingston University has found the tasty treat could help give sports enthusiasts an extra edge in their fitness training.

undertaken at London’s Kingston University has found the tasty treat could help give sports enthusiasts an extra edge in their fitness training.

After undergoing initial fitness tests to establish a baseline for comparison, the participants were then split into two groups. The first group was asked to replace one of its normal daily snacks with 40g of a dark chocolate known to be rich in flavanols for a fortnight, while the other participants substituted 40g of white chocolate for one of their daily snacks as a control.

The effects of the athletes’ daily chocolate consumption were then measured in a series of cycling exercise tests in the kingston-universitysports performance laboratory at the University’s Penrhyn Road campus. The cyclists’ heart rates and oxygen consumption levels were measured during moderate exercise and in time trials. After a seven-day interval, the groups then switched chocolate types and the two-week trial and subsequent exercise tests were repeated.

The study stated that after eating dark chocolate, the riders used less oxygen when cycling at a moderate pace and also covered more distance in a two-minute flat-out time trial.

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Chocolates in Weddings as Invitation sweets

weddinAs you all know what we are having in dairy sweets.
In milk its Oxytocin injection which will also be present in Khoya, malai and other dairy products and we all know about its consequences as shown in News channels.
And more over it contains a lot of FAT and as urbanization is taking place we don’t have time to burn up the Fat content which dairy products have.
People were getting concerned about health and switched to dry fruits , but everyone was gifting it on marriages.
Whats there out in the market that can change the gifting solutions. Here we come into picture.
Being a manufacturer we deal in bulk orders all freshly prepared and use the best practices to make our chocolates. To read about facts about Chocolates click here

Are chocolates good for pets?

chocolate for petsChocolate and dogs are a bad combination. Sure, they’re each great on their own, but together, the combination can be lethal. The same can be said of chocolate and cats, or chocolate and any pet.

The theobromine in chocolate, one of the substances that makes it so pleasant for us, is toxic to many animals, including dogs and cats. They are unable to digest this chemical, and, as it circulates in the bloodstream, it damages the central nervous and circulatory systems.


The higher the cocoa content, the more theobromine it contains, so 100% pure baking chocolate has much more theobromine than milk chocolate, which in turn has more than white chocolate. Even though white chocolate must be ingested in huge doses before it is usually lethal, it is best to KEEP ALL CHOCOLATE AWAY FROM PETS! A single ounce of baker’s chocolate can be lethal to a 10-pound animal. It wouldn’t take much to do in your hamster or lizard.

If you are a cat owner, do not assume your finicky cat can be trusted with your chocolate bar. Cats are curious, and my cat happens to adore chocolate! Because of their small bodies, even small doses of chocolate can be lethal.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning include:

excessive thirst
excessive urination
muscular tremors
irregular heartbeat

Symptoms usually appear within a few hours, but can take up to 36 hours to manifest. The sooner an animal is treated, the better chance it has, so if you suspect your pet has eaten chocolate, do not wait for the symptoms! Take your pet to the vet immediately! If your pet displays these symptoms, go to your vet!

Be ready to tell your vet:

1) how much chocolate you think your pet ate,

2) what type of chocolate it was, and

3) how long ago it was.

It is helpful to bring the chocolate wrapper, if it is available.

If your pet ingested the chocolate within the past couple of hours, the vet may induce vomiting or pump the animal’s stomach. If it has been longer that a couple of hours, the theobromine will already be circulating in the animal’s system and the vet will attempt to support the animal’s own defensive systems through intravenous fluids and drugs, such as anti-seizure medication.

Remember that the best medicine is prevention. Keep your pet safe by being a responsible chocoholic. Keep all chocolate and candy away from your pets!

Chocolate and dogs, cats, or any other animal is a bad combination, so you’re just going to have to eat it all yourself!

Cooled Delivery for chocolates

400ml-thickened-injection-ice-pack-refreshing-summer-cool-fresh-frozen-wheatgrass-package-reusable-ice-packGood News for India.

Now get you favorite chocolates delivered at your doorstep in great shape as now for hot weather conditions we are delivering chocolates in cooled ice pack sealed box. So that heat wont change the shape of chocolate.

So order now to and get your custom made chocolates at your doorstep.

Just during checkout click on the shipping option “Hot weather packing + overnite express” and you can get your chocolate as good as from refrigerated stores racks.