About Us

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It’s All in the Name

Kreative Chocolates produces chocolates with flavor. To make our chocolates tempting in eating as well as appearance as we do artistic work on each piece we make. Our chocolatier allow us to make fresh chocolates in sufficient quantities to fill that day’s needs, ensuring fresh chocolates every day. We use the best products to ensure better taste of our chocolate maintaining International Standards.

Our Mission

The ethos of taking a traditional flavors of chocolate and reworking it to create something modern gives a timeless quality to the quality of chooclates we sell. We try to incorporate quality and finess in our chocolates to make our customer experience luxury to maximum.

Fresh from the Heartland

We are centered in India, where cocoa is grown in and around Equator and most of the cocoa produced is consumed in India itself. Our location in Chandigarh gives us access to all the major suppliers of equipment and raw materials needed to make fresh, delicious chocolates.

Our Passion

With a strong, directional approach which resonates with like minds, we have quietly evolved into a highly significant label. Our R&D and thinking to give society a good product to eat at a nominal price pushes us forward to create new products.

Loved by people worldwide

We make things happen! We’ve helped thousands of people since we’ve launched. We believe presentation of product and quality ingredients make a better statement when gifting.

We’re not just a chocolate company. We’re not just a bakery. We’re not just chefs and we’re not just bakers. We’re a team of passionate people who care for your business image when gifting our products.

Kreative Chocolates is about giving a “Royal touch” to your gifts. Our gifting ideas and solutions will surely make your Weddings, Parties, Corporate function a remembered Occasion within your Guests.