Nutelite Natural peanut butter – No sugar

peanut butter no sugar addedpeanut butter no sugar addedpeanut butter no sugar addedWe thank all our peanut butter lovers, customers and wellwishers for choosing us. We always believed in giving the best to our customers and customizing things as per customer demands.

After success of our PRO health range in August 2016 and continuos engagement with our customers we now also make Nutelite natural peanut butter with NO Sugar. This range will and only be an online range and one can order directly from


Launch of Nutelite nut butter range

At Kreative we are constantly working and doing research to deliver the best products that are good for your health as well are made under strict conditions. Presenting you the range of Nut butters under the brand – Nutelite which will provide you peanut butter, almond butter, cashewnut butter, hazelnut butter and other nut butters on demand.  Our present retail product is just focusing Peanut butter – our mottor is not mass production we believe in small size batches and best product as we believe in quality rather than quantity.

Presently we offer peanut butter for retail and online market but for offline market you can order us for almond butter, cahewnut butter or any other nut butter on demand.

We don’t use any kind of preservatives, emulsifiers or hydrogenated fats or added flavors.