Nutelite Natural peanut butter – No sugar

peanut butter no sugar addedpeanut butter no sugar addedpeanut butter no sugar addedWe thank all our peanut butter lovers, customers and wellwishers for choosing us. We always believed in giving the best to our customers and customizing things as per customer demands.

After success of our PRO health range in August 2016 and continuos engagement with our customers we now also make Nutelite natural peanut butter with NO Sugar. This range will and only be an online range and one can order directly from


Nutelite Natural peanut butter – Pro Health range

After the successful launch of Nutelite peanut butter – Normal range (Golden cap) we came across many peanut butter customers and gymers and most of them asked us to itroduce a low sugar, low calorie and high protein peanut butter and we announce produly that in short time only we have made this product with low sugar i.e also low calorie and due to increased peanuts its good in protein too 27.5gm approx. per 100gm

Pro Range also comes in three variants : Smooth & creamy, Crunchy and Chocolatey